Welcome to The Circle!

We welcome you to our modest website and hope that everything we have devised and worked for the good of you, the community, is to your liking.
Thank you for coming to visit us!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Circle!”

    1. Hello, Nainaz Tengra.
      This is a project for the Steemit community.
      If you were chosen for getting the airdrop then you just practically have to sit and relax for enjoy almost all our services.
      In some cases or to enjoy some services, as could be the monthly raffle or the annual distribution of our accumulative jackpot, you must have 2,500 SPHR and 8,500 SPHR , respectively, some users may decide to buy extra tokens to participate in them.
      With more tokens, more benefits, in general terms.
      You can read all the detailed info in our different sections.

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